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Despre industria auto si servicii car concierge (inmatriculare auto, intretinere, etc)

In Romania se pierde timp cu intocmirea actelor de cumparare, inmatriculare auto, ITP, revizii, etc.

on Jul 28, 2016

Securitatea unui site web

Amenintarea la care sunt expuse site-urile de internet este tot mai mare.

on May 15, 2016

Bannerele online inseamna succes in promovare

Publicitatea pe internet este tot mai accesata de oameni din intreaga lume.

on May 15, 2016

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Cabinet stomatologic Dorobanti Implant dentar

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How to find a good Online Directory

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

Online business has taken the world by storm, and is now the most prevalent form of commerce on the planet. All over the world, consumers purchase a variety of goods and services with nothing more than the click of a button. The age of the internet has revolutionized commerce for all time. In spite of its relative new adoption, however, the principle for running a successful business has not changed. The secret to making a profit remains the same: Attract customers to your product or service, by showing them that your business exists. Traditionally this involved billboard space, and ads in the newspaper. Online commerce requires a different approach, and that is where the web directory becomes important.

These are websites that categorize online businesses by keyword, which their users–the potential customer–then searches to find what they need. The web directory exists in two forms: A free and paid directory. The paid directory, as the name indicates–requires a fee to be listed. In exchange, the paying merchant has a better chance of having their business noticed, as the paid directory often has a larger base of users than the free directory.

It is important when signing up for this service to maximize all keywords that relate to the business. This maximizes the level of exposure to the public and increases public awareness, and therefore opportunity to make a profit from curious buyers. Millions of people are connected to the internet, and so the secret to financial success is generation of web traffic. These directories are tools that facilitate that process, serving as a passive resource to direct paying customers to the online store.

It is important to do research first, and determine the necessity of free versus paid, and which directories would be best suited to drive traffic to the product or service. The best way to approach this determination initially is to determine a budget point that should not be exceeded. There are hundreds of directories available to advertise. It is a buyers’ market. Choose the best sites to maximize the chances of increased web traffic, and revenue from the resulting purchase.



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